Porridge just got a whole lot more awesome.

Our Porridge range uses a legendary blend of jumbo and fine oats that is exclusive to MOMA, creating our creamy yet chunky texture. Perfect for those short on time, all our porridge needs is a pouring of hot water and a bit of patience. Our gluten free porridge will then be ready to polish off at home, at your desk or even on the commute.

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Cranberry & Raisin

Cranberry & Raisin

Golden Syrup

Golden Syrup

Plain (No Added Sugar)

Plain (No Added Sugar)

Plain (No Added Sugar)


Super Seeds

Goodbye gluten!

We've decided to wave a big goodbye to gluten this year in all of our Porridge products. Just another step in making the humble oat, that little bit more awesome. Contrary to popular belief, oats don't actually contain gluten (they contain a similar protein called Avenin). They do however, often become contaminated with wheat and others grains that do contain gluten, meaning another food struck off the shopping list of a coeliac or intolerance sufferer.  That's why at MOMA we've searched high and low across the country to source pure, uncontaminated oats to use in our Porridge. We also make sure we routinely test them to ensure less than 20ppm of gluten. Pop us an email if you're unsure or want more information on our oats.

Oats Are Awesome

Oats are one of nature's little nutritional gems, here's four reasons why...

Wholegrain Oats

MOMA uses only wholegrain oats, which means they contain all 3 parts of the grain, which together provide fibre, carbohydrates, fat, vitamin and minerals.

Vitamin B and Folic Acid

Oats are a source of Vitamin B, which plays a big role in the production of energy in the body. They are also a source of folic acid which supports your immune system.

High in Fibre

Oats have more soluble fibre than any other grain, so they are perfect for the digestive system. And well, we all know when fibre comes in useful day to day.

Cholesterol Reducing

Oats contain a soluble fibre called Beta Glucan which helps to maintain normal cholesterol levels and has been shown to lower cholesterol.

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